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A Government of Men

There’s much rejoicing in the pwogosphere about Obama’s executive order “banning” torture. But I use scare quotes around “banning” for two reasons. First, as Greg Sargent notes, the president left wiggle room in the order for a future redefinition of torture, by establishing a special Task Force to …study and evaluate whether the interrogation practices […]

American Conservatism

The regnant strain of “conservativism” in America uses a rhetoric of “personal responsibility” in order to denigrate and scapegoat the less privileged and more marginal members of our society because it is not conservativism: it’s conservativism’s tatooed ex-con brother-in-law: white ethnic nationalism. Its fundamental ethos is a hastily constructed set of cultural resentments. Its commitment […]

The Cat’s in the Bag

The last but one of our two cats died a couple of months ago (, and the remaining one, Cleopatra, seemed to mourn for quite some time, and was slowing down, no longer racing around on an “mission for God.” So we recently adopted a year-old brown and white tabby from the Santa Cruz Animal […]