I’m working on a very interesting project: creating an operations manual for a small private water treatment and distribution system up here in the Santa Cruz mountains. We’re going to be using Adobe Acrobat X to enable multiple stakeholders to comment on the document as it evolves and the finished PDF will, we hope, incorporate live video feeds from surveillance cameras monitoring various locations, tanks, and gauges.

Perhaps I’ll also be able to get an article out of this for a magazine. Even if that doesn’t work out, the project will make a great blog post.

This project actually started back in 2008, but was delayed for various reasons until just recently. At that time I started thinking about building a practice around creating such manuals. Very few small systems have good documentation, and although state regulations on this seem to be laxly enforced right now, that could change. As a first step, in 2009 I got a California Water Treatment Operator’s License (T1), and have been thinking about eventually going for a T2, and maybe adding a distribution license at some point. I also assist the water system operator at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond.

However, if the re-launch of Exordium goes well and we start writing more novels in that world, I probably won’t have time for water system manuals. So I’m not rushing into the T2, which would require a good bit of studying.