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Ruler of Naught

Ruler of Naught: Coming December 27 from Book View Cafe 6

Updates: December 28: Sherwood and I talk about how ebook publishing let us dive into rewriting a 20-year-old space opera at Scalzi’s Big Idea. December 28: Sherwood Smith talks about Star Wars, Dave Trowbridge, and the Zing! of inspiration. December 27: Deborah J. Ross talks about The Lesbian Chocolate Sex Scene, or Life With Exordium. December 27: The The Phoenix in Flight is on […]

When a Book Can Change You Forever  

In the acknowledgements for the 10th anniversary edition of American Gods, Neil Gaiman mentions “the inimitable Harlan Ellison, whose collective Deathbird Stories burned itself into the back of my head when I was still of an age where a book could change me forever.” (my emphasis). At Loscon this year, Sherwood Smith, Deborah, and I […]


Westercon 2011

Deborah and I will be at Westercon 64, with bells on. Here’s my schedule, with my own take on the subjects. Friday @ 2:30 California room History Is Written By The Winners. How much of what we know about bunk history may be wrong and how do we find out? Friday @ 4:00 PM (Crystal […]

The Rapture is an Alien Plot 1

Have you ever noticed that belief in The Rapture seems to correlate pretty strongly with an unhealthy interest in the way other people behave, not to mention a certain obliviousness to one’s own behavior? Fred Clark touches on this from time to time both in his brilliant chapter-by-chapter dissection of the Left Behind novels and […]

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