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When a Book Can Change You Forever  

In the acknowledgements for the 10th anniversary edition of American Gods, Neil Gaiman mentions “the inimitable Harlan Ellison, whose collective Deathbird Stories burned itself into the back of my head when I was still of an age where a book could change me forever.” (my emphasis). At Loscon this year, Sherwood Smith, Deborah, and I […]


Space Opera and the Siege of Vienna: the Archetypal Perspective 5

In their 2003 article How Shit Became Shinola: Definition and Redefinition of Space Opera, David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer defined modern space opera as “colorful, dramatic, large scale science fiction adventure, competently and sometimes beautifully written, usually focused on a sympathetic, heroic central character, and plot action … and usually set in the relatively […]

The Battle of Alexander at Issus