Ruler of Naught: Coming December 27 from Book View Cafe

Ruler of Naught


December 28: Sherwood and I talk about how ebook publishing let us dive into rewriting a 20-year-old space opera at Scalzi’s Big Idea.

December 28: Sherwood Smith talks about Star Wars, Dave Trowbridge, and the Zing! of inspiration.

December 27: Deborah J. Ross talks about The Lesbian Chocolate Sex Scene, or Life With Exordium.

December 27: The The Phoenix in Flight is on sale for $0.99 through January 27th to help new readers get started on the series.

In the sequel to The Phoenix in Flight, Brandon vlith-Arkad, who fled the Mandalic Palace and his old life only hours ahead of assassination, is now heir to the Panarchy. He only wants to rescue his father, the Panarch. But everyone wants of piece of him. The Dol’jharians, who smashed the Panarchy and took his father prisoner. A Rifter pirate and her crew, who helped him escape a doomed planet—twice—and now wonder what to do about a royal prisoner with the price of ten planets on his head. And the remnants of the government of the Thousand Suns, for whom he’d at best be an inconvenience.

And that’s before things go seriously pear-shaped. Racing ahead of the light-speed news of their attack with FTL comms and weapons looted from a fortress built millions of years ago, the Dol’jharians and those Rifters allied with them are consolidating their victories. Elements of the Panarchist Navy struggle to understand what’s happening, find surviving units, and strike back. And Eusabian of Dol’jhar, now master of the Mandala from which his defeated enemy once ruled the Thousand Suns, awaits news of the Heart of Kronos, the missing key to ultimate power.

Which lies in the hands of Brandon’s captor. The chase is on, and unexpected detours await.

Sherwood and I are fortunate to have the services of the talented Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein as cover artist for the revised edition of our space opera, Exordium. Book Two, Ruler of Naught, comes out December 27th from Book View Cafe, and Rhi has captured perfectly the feeling of the book. It carries forward the theme of the new cover she did for The Phoenix in Flight, which will continue with the next three books.



Ruler of Naught: Coming December 27 from Book View Cafe — 6 Comments

  1. Dave,
    I am enjoying terracing the (enhanced) Exordium series. I have always been a spaceship fan. When you wrote the books, you named several ships without identifying their type. Specifically, “Sword of Asoka”‘, “Arius”, “Sobieski” and “Jauntevant” – at least in books 1 and 2. if you and Ms. smith ever thought about it, can you disclose what they were? Battlecruisers, destroyers, frigates, etc?

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. I wish I could give you a definite answer, but we never thought about what class of ships those were. I guess you’re free to make them what you will!

  2. Dave,

    A couple of weeks ago I started reading your Exordium series for the first time, in the ebook versions, and am enjoying it immensely. I had seen the publication schedule for the last 3 books on the Exordium page of your website (spring, summer and fall of 2012), but sadly realized (as I came to the end of Ruler of Naught and started looking for the third book) that they haven’t been published in ebook form yet.

    Do you have a revised publication schedule for the remaining 3 books in the revised ebook form? I’m trying to decide whether to wait for them to come out or just buy the old paperback versions somewhere.


  3. I’ve heard about the Exordium at various conventions for years, and am thrilled to find them being republished as ebook editions. I’m looking forward to the remaining books in the series, and hope they are selling well enough to continue the updates. Is there any news on the publishing schedule for the remaining books?

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